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La Biosthetique Glam Color Toner Steel Gray.11

La Biosthetique Glam Color Toner Steel Gray.11

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Wearing gray hair proud is a conscious choice and a statement that is gaining popularity. It radiates self-confident serenity and a natural elegance, especially when the gray tone appears radiantly fresh and naturally refined thanks to the Glam Color Toner .11 Steel Gray. The Glam Color Toner is a unique washable hair tint for men and women that refines graying natural hair. Depending on the exposure time, the toner neutralizes a yellow tinge that can be caused by environmental influences or provides a natural, darkened tint for an attractive and younger look. The structure of the hair is not changed during toning because the Steel Gray Toner does not contain any alkalizing agents. The pigments are washed out evenly without build-up until the hair is back in its original state. The result: Natural grey, only prettier.
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