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La Biosthetique Long Hair Protective Repair Mask150 ml

La Biosthetique Long Hair Protective Repair Mask150 ml

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A hair can grow for about seven years. Provided it is vital and healthy. Above all, lengths and tips, which as the oldest parts of the hair have seen a lot, need an extra dose of care and protection. Protective Hair Mask provides just that, helping hair to reach its full growth potential. Rich plant-based nutrients and care substances strengthen the hair from root to tip and strengthen its resilience. Vegetable care substances from rapeseed oil restore the missing lipids to dry and brittle hair, while inulin, a vegetable polysaccharide with a high proportion of fructose, supplies it with moisture. The hair treated in this way becomes elastic, smooth and shiny again. Cationic guar balances differences in the hair structure, makes the hair more supple and easier to comb. Glucose polyphenol derived from sugar cane and gall apple repairs damaged structures from root to tip and strengthens the hair's resistance to external environmental influences and free radicals. New hair breakage is effectively prevented. A clinical study confirms 80% less hair breakage compared to untreated hair and up to 65% less hair breakage compared to a hair mask without the Long Hair active ingredients*. Rapeseed oil glycerides as well as jojoba and sunflower wax smooth and soothe the hair on the surface and protect it from frizz and moisture loss. Wheat bran extract neutralizes pollutants and reduces the deposition of harmful particles. The hair, which is optimally nourished, strengthened and protected from the inside and outside, is wonderfully supple, easy to style and has a brilliant shine over its entire length. *Result of a clinical study, measurements on human hair with 5,000 comb processes, source: test report DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials
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