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La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique E

La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique E

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Internal tension and stress quickly lead to muscle tension and irritated nerves right there in the center of stress - in our heads. The scalp is also involved, becomes sensitive and reacts with a feeling of tension, redness and itching. The irritated head urgently needs help. The soothing aroma complex Visarôme Dynamique E allows the scalp to calm down again. Purely natural and wonderfully fresh, fruity essential oils made from bitter orange peel, bergamot, tangerine peel, palmarosa and citronella grass and spicy thyme intensively soothe the nervous scalp and irritated nerves. They relax tense muscles and thus release blockages in the metabolism. Thanks to the balancing aroma complex, the natural functions of the scalp are promoted and the hair can develop and grow wonderfully again. With Visarôme Dynamique E, the scalp is deeply relaxed and recovered, like after a little olfactory journey. Visarôme Dynamique E helps scalp, hair and soul to regain relaxed harmony.
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