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La Biosthetique Dry Hair Conditioning Spray 50ml

La Biosthetique Dry Hair Conditioning Spray 50ml

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Inadequate or incorrect care, dry air, blow-drying that is too hot, harmful UV rays - the result is structurally damaged hair. Instead of shine, strength, bounce and vitality, it looks dull and brittle and is very difficult to style. Time for immediate help! The conditioning spray immediately makes structurally damaged hair supple again, makes it easy to style and gives it a great shine in no time. The spray increases the resistance of the hair, smooths damaged areas in the structure and strengthens them again. Hair breakage and split ends are a thing of the past. Can be used quickly, without rinsing and with an immediate effect thanks to highly effective proteins and the revolutionary lipid cocktail. The hydro-lipid immediate effect gives up to 34% more suppleness. The hydro-lipid long-term effect ensures 24 hours of suppleness. The hydro-lipid regeneration effect has a structure-building effect after just 5 applications. Flying, statically charged hair is no longer an issue. The hair gets noticeable elasticity, can be styled very easily again and smells deliciously fresh of bergamot, rhubarb, peach, lily of the valley, rose or jasmine. This fragrance was created by an international fragrance designer - exclusively for La Biosthétique Paris.
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