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La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique Lotion Ergines B

La Biosthetique Lotion Ergines B

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The dry scalp lacks protection. It is therefore sensitive and reacts with itching and tightness. The hair sooner or later becomes brittle, brittle and, in the worst case, falls out. High time to awaken the spirits. Ergines B Scalp Lotion for dry scalp relieves the scalp of its feelings of tension and irritation. It also brings the sebum glands back into balance - in a completely natural way. Active panthenol acts as a protective shield against harmful environmental influences and thus prevents moisture loss. The dry scalp is gently stimulated with the hydro lotion, bringing its natural functions back into balance. Lotion Ergines B creates optimal conditions for enchanting, vital hair. The active ingredient complex Complexe Vitalisant, specially developed by La Biosthétique, acts explicitly on dry scalp, activates inactive sebaceous glands and brings the scalp environment back into balance over the long term. Dry areas of skin evaporate and a pleasant feeling on the scalp quickly returns. The scalp regains its full functionality - ideal conditions for healthy hair growth.
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