Die Stop&Grow Haartherapie- ein Wundermittel gegen Haarausfall

The miracle cure for hair loss – Stop&Grow hair therapy

1. Hair loss

2. The solution? Stop&Grow hair therapy!

3. The effectiveness is scientifically proven!

4. The Stop&Grow line of products

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6. Questions about the product

hair loss

Hair loss is a serious problem that many people experience. There are various reasons for hair loss. In our blog post Why do we lose our hair? you are welcome to look at the different types and causes of hair loss.

The most common cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalance. The endogenous hormone DHT causes the active hair roots to atrophy and produce fewer new hairs.

The solution? Stop&Grow hair therapy!

This is based on the new PHT active ingredient. This PHT (vegetable phytohormones) blocks the endogenous hormone DHT, which is responsible for hair loss. In addition, Stop&Grow stimulates the hair roots so that new, own hair can grow. And so Stop stands for: fights excessive hair loss and Grow for: stimulates new hair growth.

The Stop&Grow product series is a patented hair therapy that was developed and tested by a highly qualified team of scientists, medical professionals and hairdressers. The unique active formula regenerates your scalp, effectively combats hair loss, strengthens your own hair and can even cause new hair to grow.

The effectiveness is scientifically proven!

The effectiveness was proven in an in-vitro study by the hair research center at the University of Lübeck: By using Stop&Grow®, the active hair roots that produce new hair have increased by up to + 23%. The anti-hair loss therapy is therefore proven to be up to 7 times more effective than conventional active ingredients on the market.

The Stop&Grow product series

Stop&Grow Elixir

For the permanent treatment of hair loss with a highly concentrated intensive treatment. The special applicator is an innovative design with 2 chambers: the active concentrate is in one chamber and taurine powder in the other.

Stop & Grow Concentrate

For permanent treatment of mild or seasonal hair loss. Also ideal after an intensive treatment with the Stop&Grow Elixir.

Exclusively for men

Stop&Grow MEN Scalp Tonic

Refreshing scalp tonic with PHT active ingredient formula

Combats genetic hair loss, stimulates hair regeneration and activates the hair roots. It can be used to prevent early stages of hair loss.

With additional UV protection for the scalp.

Stop & Grow MEN Intensive Spray

Scalp treatment with highly concentrated PHT active ingredient formula

An effective way to prevent or combat genetic hair loss. Sleeping hair roots are activated to support the growth of new hair.

With additional UV protection for the scalp.

questions to the product

How often do I need to use Stop&Grow?

In order to achieve the desired result, regular use is the decisive factor. Ideally, you use Stop&Grow every day, ideally in the evening before you go to bed.

How long will it take before I see results?

It depends on your hair situation. As a rule, after just a few uses, you can feel that the hair is noticeably stronger and the scalp is healthier. With regular use, hair loss is noticeably reduced after just a few weeks. Whether new hair is growing back can be assessed after 3 months at the earliest with the help of the MicroScanner in the salon. This is because dormant hair roots need time to produce new, healthier hair.

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